I’m an spanish illustrator based in Madrid, I graduated in Fine Arts from U.P.V Valencia and I also studied at the University of Applied Sciences from Mainz (Germany), I did my intership in Bruxeles and a master of Plastic Art Education at the Complutense University of Madrid, lately I specialize in Shoe Design in Elche. Actually I'm working as a shoe designer.

My work is hand drawn mostly with black pencils, I love graphic novels, comics and old style,a mix between "trashy" and "naif" with tons of humor, you also can guess I work in fashion industry as I love to play with it a lot (patterns, colours, shapes, clothes…)

I’m also a current illustrator of the cinema magazine La Critica NY and I create the feminist blog My erudite pussy with a neurotic woman, the writer crazy mind.

Please feel free to contact me for a commission, a collaboration, or just a chat!

Contact : clarasantospoveda@gmail.com

martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009


paris paris paris

Cada vez que vengo me parece una ciudad diferente, pero en cambio se mantiene igual, pero lo que cambia soy yo, la veo diferente,la vivo diferente, cada vez me enseña cosas nuevas, que no conocía o no de esa manera, cada visita a Paris es una nueva película en mi mente, mismo decorado si, pero diferente historia.
Es extraño, siento que ya he vivido muchas vidas aquí pero cada vez siempre parece la primera.



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La Pape dijo...

woooow what nice pictures !!!!